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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year....Most people make resolutions for the New Year. I tend to look back and see what it really held. Most of the time it is never what I thought it would be and for this past year that has been a good thing. I have done several things I did not even consider doing.

The first was taking a trip to Portugal....An Island named Madeira really. It was a fantastic trip and loved the friendliness of the people as well as the scenery. Was amazed that most people could not only speak English but German, French and etc. Was told it was mandatory to learn English in their school system. We here in the U.S. can't even figure out if English should be our main language !@#^^(*&%
The other thing I did was go to a 11 week Citizens Police Academy. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed that. Check and see if one if offered where you live...many police dept. are now offering them and it is really educational/exciting. I went on a ride a-long the night before my 59th birthday and had lots of action including a red light chase. Experienced a 180 on a driving range as well as hydroplaning, saw the k9 unit in action and the swat team uniform that weighed 40 lbs and had to be put on with help. I could go on and on but it is something I just happened to see online and went for and was definitely a highlight. I not only learned a lot but found a new appreciation for my local police dept. and now am volunteering with them (more on that a later date).

The last but not least is starting to blog........a whole other world. What a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from such a huge data base. Do sometimes wish that it was a different word than blog........sure doesn't sound very smart Sorry, I do still love pictures.....................Anyone know why it is called blogging?


smilnsigh said...

"We here in the U.S. can't even figure out if English should be our main language !@#^^(*&%"

You know how to make me a friend for life!!! That sentence did the trick. ,-) Wow but this whole issue, is a sore spot with me!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, a trip to Portugal! Wonderful! And I'm sure I'd love Madeira cause I loved the wine. But I know, such an area has so much more to offer than just wine tasting.

I do have much appreciation for my local police dept. Never thought of looking into a course like that though. Btw, my father was a NY State Police man, "way back when." {to show you how "way back when", he rode a horse, early on!}

BLOG... the name. It stinks. lol. I much prefer "On Line Journaling." But of course, that takes longer to type. And even when we don't want to be caught up in the 'instant culture,' we tend to be. -sigh- But every once in a while, I get peeved and use "On Line Journaling" for a while! -grin-

Guess 'BLOG' stands for some terms which means on line journaling. But don't remember what.


Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for you input...nice to hear other opinions....