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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I find myself without many "girlfriends". Even when I was younger I was so busy and committed to taking care of home and family that I did not pursue girlfriends......
I know some women who think nothing of going off with a girlfriend to go do some fun thing....how about you?


smilnsigh said...

Same as you. And when I had a girlfriends, they tended to be one at a time, so to speak. Guess I don't need a crowd. ,-)

Haven't had a so-called best girlfriend in years. And honestly, I don't feel the need of one or two or whatever.

Going somewhere, is with my husband. Or if it's something like a film he isn't really interested in, I go myself. First showing on a Monday. Interesting how there are other such women of a certain age, at such a show. ,-)

Plus, and this is True Confessions here ~ -grin- I'm not a woman- woman, as much as I'm a man-woman. I seem to relate better to men.. The older I get... :-) Oh I do fine in Pretty Blog Land. But... I'm not in Pretty Blog Land, all the time.


Lady Di Tn said...

Same speech as I gave to my niece who was having a hard time understanding the term. You can count on one hand and may not use all your fingers for "your true girlfriends" on the other hand we all have LOTS OF AQUAINTANCES.
As for myself I have some pallies to go out and act like teenagers, but only two true friends and one is my big sis.
Found out long ago that Tomboys don't make good Girlfiends.