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Friday, January 18, 2008

Lucky find

I have been contemplating getting new family room furniture but the truth is I still like what I have. So, I thought maybe I would go to the store and see about buying some fabric for the throw pillows and just give it a little freshened up look. Well, I looked and looked and picked up a few swatches but nothing really stood out to me. I even picked a swatch that I thought might match well but I was sure I wouldn't like it.........well, you guessed it, I love it! Now if I can just get it bought and made we will make this old set go a few more miles:)

1 comment:

Lady Di Tn said...

Well you sound like Mimi and I when we wanted a new couch. All the new ones at all the stores here were overstuffed with huge arms so we opted to recover the ancient couch. It worked just fine but now the man who did it has retired so we will have to find someone new for the next job.
good luck with the make over. Peace