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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting older

No one likes the idea of getting older and I am no different, however, I recently read some statistics that stated centuries ago no one lived past 40 years old!
That from 1917 - 1919, 20 million people died from the world wide influenza epidemic. Even my Aunt died as a baby from pneumonia in 1917. There was no cure for these diseases. It went on to state that today one person in 10,000 is pasting the century mark and that the number is rising. Can you even imagine your life expectancy to be only 40 years old?????????? No retirement, no dreams, no travel, no blogging.....................................................
Guess getting old isn't so bad after all.....now just to convince the mirror about these statics:)


Lady Di Tn said...

That ole mirror has some stranger residing within its image as it cannot be me. I feel like me but I sure don't look like me. The inner me is the same but the outer me looks unfamiliar so I have deciede to wear more big brim HATS. Kind of like wearing red boots. If you have on cool boots no one is gonna check out he caboose and if you have a hat maybe the eyes will get stuck on that.

Changes in the wind said...

Now that's an idea!!

jenn said...

My dad lost a brother to pnemonia (I think that's spelled wrong) in the 1940's. It's scary the things that people used to die from.

smilnsigh said...

Yes, I've read those kinds of previous life expectancy numbers. They do sound weird to us.

But here, we'll be married 50 years this Nov. And it's not that big a deal today. But I remember when it was a big deal to reach that point!

And even if you did reach it, the pic they took looked like you both had to be propped up against a wall, to have the pic taken, so to speak. ,-)

Yes, I guess we have come a long way, in some ways.

And I really like what 'Lady Di tn' said in her comment! She sounds like fun.