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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Puppy Blues

I am not sure if that is the right word but you know how some women get such a yearning to have a baby again? Well, I get that way with puppies. There just isn't anything like a puppy to brighten your life. I have been following one of our fellow bloggers, My Piece of Heaven with her new puppy Cooper. She has fallen in love for sure and who wouldn't. How I wish we could capture that kind of innocent, trusting, curiosity found in a puppy and put it in ourselves somehow so that when we are in others presence we would bring joy instead of the know it all, not get the best of me attitude that is so prevalent.
Yes, Yes, I know that even puppies grow up and bite


smilnsigh said...

"Yes, Yes, I know that even puppies grow up and bite"

Yes, they all grow up. But they don't all bite, if trained well and properly. So ~ your wish is still a valid one. :-) At least, for some of the time.

I don't think we would last long in this world, if we were completely as innocent and trusting as a puppy. I feel we have to learn how to deal with all those people out there, who never tried to be puppy-like. And to deal with all the adversity which life throws at us.

But I do understand your wish. And it is still a nice and a valid one.

Trouble is, I never shared that yearning for another baby, after we stopped having them. And I don't wish for more grandchildren either. Nor kittens or puppies. Although I've had my share of cats. -grin- I suppose all that above, would 'drum me out' of certain places in "Pretty Blog Land" hu? -giggles-

Shushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Don't tell on me!!!! ,-)


Joni said...

LOL, I hear you honey. I had that puppy blues so bad before I found my little Cooper. I hope you enjoy the photos of my little stinker. He sure is a joy! From the looks of things, you aren't the only one with the blues ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

The smell of puppy breath is a smell from Heaven. I tried for 2 weeks to be dogless and then I gave in and Maggie became my love. I have a warped sense of humor and tell people I have an MD (Maggie dog) It is fun to see their looks while they digest what I have just told them. heehee

sheoflittlebrain said...

Both E. and I long for a puppy, but I have become too allergic:( It's frustrating to me, and must be more so for him. We both love animals.........

jenn said...

Puppies are adorable, but my kids are afraid of dogs. We stick with cats and kittens!