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Monday, January 28, 2008

Don't you hate it when he is right

I am terrible about not taking my medicines....fortunately they are not vital for my life but more for my womanly things:) Well, anyhow I decided that since I missed taking them so often and didn't see any real changes I just didn't need them anymore and quit taking them.

Well, the hot flashes returned in full force and my mood swings were playing havoc with me and I am thinking why?????

My husband lovingly said....maybe you need to go back on you medicines?

Feeling Better..................

1 comment:

Lady Di Tn said...

NO because I am usually the right one.
I have been on femhrt for 6 yrs 4 months and I hung out my own Dr. Shingle and refuse to take them anymore. So far it has been a month and I have not killed anyone yet but I thought about it this morning