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Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, my routine was interrupted today due the fact that we went to our grandson's court hearing.....I hope I never have to see him in this kind of situation again. The Judge was a great guy and am very happy with the outcome...basically it is another chance to get your act together deal and not sure how many of those are in the bag so hope he takes it to heart.

My hubby is affiliated with a local gun shop and goes there everyday to do business and have lunch with the GOBS (good old boys). I got to have lunch with the GOBS today too...they really are good guys, mostly retired cops, detectives and etc. Boy could they tell you some stories. The interesting thing about the GOBS is that although they are all very different individuals, there area hidden codes required to become one. I do not know or understand all of them but respect, love of country and a wiliness to take a turn buying lunch are a few of them. One thing that I found out today is that it is expected if a grandpa brings in his grandson you include them and talk with them as well...I tend not to like little kids but this one was a good one...had the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.

We are soon to be writing 2008......Wonder how many more wrinkles I will get this year:) I never have thought that I would be willing to have plastic surgery. How do you feel about this ladies? I really hate how sometimes a woman's face is nice but her neck looks like crepe paper....
One time I saw a lady in a restaurant who looked wonderful but when she walked you knew she was old...really old. It was the strangest thing because you knew what you saw didn't match right. I am amazed at how much I look like my mother..........I use to have a little mirror plaque that said "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I really am my mother after all". Oh well, Happy New Year anyhow......................................

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today is Sunday and so I will be heading off to church. I am on today....that means I will be interpreting (for the deaf) the music and announcements. Worshiping in sign is very special but the most special of all is seeing a deaf person who can not be motivated by the music worship his or her God.

After church we always go out for Mexican food, hhhhmmmmm I swear I would die if I did not get to eat Mexican food. When my hubby, who I will refer to as B for typing ease, and I travel sometimes we can't get Mexican food like when we were in Portugal and I missed it terribly. When I was a young girl my Mom would mail a pound of pinto beans to her brother in Montana....no Mexican food in the area they are from so now I understand why.

It is not unusual for B and I to go out to eat...in fact we eat out everyday. I know that may seem weird to some but for us it has become a way of life. Not very healthy maybe and more expensive than needed for just eating but you see....for us it is a happening. If we stay home then we just do the mundane like watch TV and of course you feel obligated to answer the phone and then the dogs are hoping for a bite and the bird is hollaring.....HELLO..........etc.

Going out, we focus on each other and watch people and enjoy our servers, many who have become friends....more on that later and we can be good and share a meal together if we can agree on what we want or we can each choose whatever suits our taste for the evening. The problem? Even though we live in a city we run out of new places to go and tend to go the the same ones over and over. I am always searching for a new restaurant that is close to home to try. Wished we lived in New York City on that basis....so many restaurants!! One of the reasons I love this blog New York Daily Photo.

There is a club we go to and have gone to for over 15 years now. It is a country club and sits on a golf course with a pond. I do not golf but I love that pond! It is our favorite place of all and right now it is going down the tubes....why? Pride....the owner/manager has a drinking problem and fired the popular music group that had been there for over 5 years, so now people are not coming. They keep bringing in new musicians but they are second rate overall and just don't fill the bill. The original group is still available and with an apology and maybe a deserved raise they might come back but you know there is that PRIDE. It is so sad to me and truthfully if I had any experience running a restaurant I would try to buy it. Yes, you are right, I need a restaurant like I need a whole in my head but this is such a special place and so many people will miss it if or when it is gone. I find myself thinking...if I were just younger, I would buy that restaurant and make it even better, I would do......................
Do you ever do that? Have these little conversations with yourself? I sure hope it isn't just me.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


If you are visiting here you are coming from one of my other Blog's. I have noted that blogging takes on many different forms.
There are those who have studied photography and their blog gives them an arena to exhibit their craft.
Some are themed focused....cooking, recipes, family, Christianity and etc.
Others seem to simply be for the purpose of a daily journal.
Some to create a community to interact with.
There are those who are driven to give something without being too personal while others almost explain their hemorrhoids.

I would like to know why you started started to blog? Do you have more than one blog....if so, why? Are you good to keep up your blogs? Do you daily visit other blogs and what type of blogs do you visit? Are they the same are yours...themed, Christianity and etc.? Maybe I should have named this blog, "Questions" but I already participate in one of those.

As for me I try to blog everyday or at least everyday I am not traveling. I have a group of blogs I visit everyday and I hate when I go to a blog that I really like and they haven't posted for days and days. There are some that I have totally given up on...just too long between posts. I am always looking for new blogs...I am a people person.....love learning new things. I have a few blogs that I visit, that truthfully, I don't even understand but their outlook on things through pictures, poems and etc. fascinate me. Diversity is such a gift. Maybe I feel this way, because you see, I have always been a stay at home Mom/Wife. Never worked out of my home....whoa.....I have worked:) and believe me it can be even harder to stay motivated without a paycheck, echos of praise, bonuses and flirting.

I believe people are multifaceted. They are too in depth to only view from one angle and from one moment in time. I am pushing 60 years old and I can tell that I am getting closer to one of those fine diamonds, maybe just a few more chinks and I will truly shine:)

I hope that even though this blog will be more of my personalty than the others, that is won't be only about me. That you will laugh, cry, share and discover with me. It's a beginning...........