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Saturday, December 29, 2007


If you are visiting here you are coming from one of my other Blog's. I have noted that blogging takes on many different forms.
There are those who have studied photography and their blog gives them an arena to exhibit their craft.
Some are themed focused....cooking, recipes, family, Christianity and etc.
Others seem to simply be for the purpose of a daily journal.
Some to create a community to interact with.
There are those who are driven to give something without being too personal while others almost explain their hemorrhoids.

I would like to know why you started started to blog? Do you have more than one blog....if so, why? Are you good to keep up your blogs? Do you daily visit other blogs and what type of blogs do you visit? Are they the same are yours...themed, Christianity and etc.? Maybe I should have named this blog, "Questions" but I already participate in one of those.

As for me I try to blog everyday or at least everyday I am not traveling. I have a group of blogs I visit everyday and I hate when I go to a blog that I really like and they haven't posted for days and days. There are some that I have totally given up on...just too long between posts. I am always looking for new blogs...I am a people person.....love learning new things. I have a few blogs that I visit, that truthfully, I don't even understand but their outlook on things through pictures, poems and etc. fascinate me. Diversity is such a gift. Maybe I feel this way, because you see, I have always been a stay at home Mom/Wife. Never worked out of my home....whoa.....I have worked:) and believe me it can be even harder to stay motivated without a paycheck, echos of praise, bonuses and flirting.

I believe people are multifaceted. They are too in depth to only view from one angle and from one moment in time. I am pushing 60 years old and I can tell that I am getting closer to one of those fine diamonds, maybe just a few more chinks and I will truly shine:)

I hope that even though this blog will be more of my personalty than the others, that is won't be only about me. That you will laugh, cry, share and discover with me. It's a beginning...........


smilnsigh said...

WOW! Am I the first commenter here? How about that!

You said; "This blog is a bit different so visit at your own risk:)" Now of course, you knew how to get me to visit! I love taking a risk!!! ,-)

And I'll be back to get into a real reply to your question. But a quick one is ~ I've been blogging for years! This present blogging incarnation of "Pretty Blog Land," being very different from my years of other blogging. Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt... for many types of blogging. :-)))

For now, I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year. In case I don't get back, in time to do so, between now and New Year's Eve. But ~ I will be back!!!


Changes in the wind said...

Look forward to hearing more:)

smilnsigh said...

Back already! lol.

Of course you can take the Blogging Without Obligation button. It wasn't done by me anyway. Click on it and go to the gal who deserves the credit.

But you know what... I don't really have a problem with what she was addressing. Which seems to be - all those entries she's read which were people bemoaning the fact that they had not posted in a while. I don't worry about that, other than on the Daily City Photo Blog I joined, where one is supposed to do it daily, if one joins.

But regular blogging, I do it when I need to rattle on about something. And if I don't have that need, I don't blog.

My PROBLEM is...!!! Feeling bad when I don't get to read all the blogs I want to. And especially, the blogs, which visit/comment in my blogs! Eeeek! That is my problem, worry, sadness, source of my blogging problems. -sigh-

And there's another question for you, if you run out of questions or such. How many are like me?

When I moan about his issue, lots of gals say; "Don't worry about it!" But that's easier said than done. Bleahhh..

And now I am going. I have to "move my bloomin' arse" and do something besides just the Net! -grin-


bigbikerbob said...

Hi again,Just thought I'd, as they say "get in early" with my blogging comments.As you have seen already my blog covers my life, family, loves and hobbies. I am not at all religous or strongly politicaly motivated, I blog either when I feel like it or in summer, when I can. Thank you for the visit on my blog.

jenn said...

I like this blog. You're talking! On changes, it's mostly pictures. I like the "getting to know you" feel of this one.

I have 2 blogs. The one you read, then I also have an "invite only" one dealing with my weight and personal stuff. I have a wonderful support system of women I met on my regular blog who have joined me on the new one.

I like to read blogs that are fun. About real people. I have made some awesome friends through blogging. I use my blog as a journal/share with family type thing. I just love doing it. I post just about every day, and I too, gravitate towards people who post daily as well. It's easier to get to know them. Make sense? Anyway, I wish you luck with this one, and I will be visiting often! :)

Have a happy and safe new year!

JeanMac said...

Looking forward to reading this new blog of your. I have 2 but probably will write on only one as our lives have "merged" in that only one is nec. now.
Happy new to you!

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks all for the nice comments