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Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, my routine was interrupted today due the fact that we went to our grandson's court hearing.....I hope I never have to see him in this kind of situation again. The Judge was a great guy and am very happy with the outcome...basically it is another chance to get your act together deal and not sure how many of those are in the bag so hope he takes it to heart.

My hubby is affiliated with a local gun shop and goes there everyday to do business and have lunch with the GOBS (good old boys). I got to have lunch with the GOBS today too...they really are good guys, mostly retired cops, detectives and etc. Boy could they tell you some stories. The interesting thing about the GOBS is that although they are all very different individuals, there area hidden codes required to become one. I do not know or understand all of them but respect, love of country and a wiliness to take a turn buying lunch are a few of them. One thing that I found out today is that it is expected if a grandpa brings in his grandson you include them and talk with them as well...I tend not to like little kids but this one was a good one...had the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.

We are soon to be writing 2008......Wonder how many more wrinkles I will get this year:) I never have thought that I would be willing to have plastic surgery. How do you feel about this ladies? I really hate how sometimes a woman's face is nice but her neck looks like crepe paper....
One time I saw a lady in a restaurant who looked wonderful but when she walked you knew she was old...really old. It was the strangest thing because you knew what you saw didn't match right. I am amazed at how much I look like my mother..........I use to have a little mirror plaque that said "Mirror, mirror on the wall, I really am my mother after all". Oh well, Happy New Year anyhow......................................


Linda said...

Happy New Year to you! I like your new blog - but then I like words better than pictures - go figure. Have a Happy New Year!!!

smilnsigh said...

I don't have any idea of what trouble your grandson got into. But it will be a wise and wonderful thing, if he does take this opportunity to get his act together.

How many new wrinkles you'll get in 2008. -giggles- Well my Dear, when one is coming up on 71, as I am, one is just happy to see one's face in the mirror. ,-) And though it's a bit late, if you are a grandmother, my secret for very good skin still is ~ stay out of the sun for a lifetime. :-)

But yup, the neck is going. Not anywhere like many gals. But, tis not the same. But I'd never go under the knife for elective surgery. Guess that's my story, in a nutshell.

Happy and Healthy New Year!