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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Red Hat Society

I am considering trying to join a chapter in the Red Hat Society....No I don't like the outfits but I would like to have an opportunity to make some friends. I have always been satisfied to stay home and take care of business but of late that hasn't' seem to satisfy me. Anyone have any experience with this group? Your thoughts?


Lady Di Tn said...

My friend is a memberof the red hats and she loves it. She is also in the Art Venture Group with me. We are a group of local women artist with a membership of 24. Each month two of us host a luncheon. I would join the red hats just to wear the hat.

Changes in the wind said...

Thanks for the encouragement:)

smilnsigh said...

Not personally, but I Net-knew a gal who loved it.

I like that it is totally devoid of politics, religion and that kind of 'trouble-making' chatter. lol They just have fun!


RHAM said...

If you join I think you will start to like the outfits! They seem so fun and outrageous.