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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Never enough

I have lived in my home (a very nice home) for over 15 years. It is a custom built home that we built ourselves when we had our construction company. So what's the problem?????
I am bored with it. That is shameful but it is honest. It is at that place where it is becoming outdated...you know light counter tops instead of granite, light tile and etc. I sit and debate if I should spend the time, energy and money to make the changes. This is an area that I really procrastinate in. Unlike a lot of women, I really don't like to shop and especially for big things like furniture, carpet and etc. A great dream would be to leave on a trip, come home and it all be done and I love it.......ahhhhhh.
I remember the day we moved into this house....I was sure I would never tire or it and here I am.........It is never enough, you are never done.


smilnsigh said...

"Unlike a lot of women, I really don't like to shop and especially for big things like furniture, carpet and etc."

We are twins, separated at birth! ,-) Me too! I, unlike 99% of women, hate to shop for most anything/everything.

Right now, we are facing having a couple of rooms painted. Which of course, I've put off for years. And then, comes the getting-stuff-to-go-with-new-wall-colors. Where most women would be salivating at this chance ~ I dread it.

Thank you for being able to understand!!!


smilnsigh said...

"It is never enough, you are never done."

I guess I differ with you, kind of in the semantics, maybe. I think I {and most of us} already have way too much stuff in our possession.

But I understand how things like counters and etc., can become outdated. That I understand. But then.......

My husband tried for years to get me to begin the process of picking out things, to redo our very dated kitchen. And I put it off and off and off. lol.

Weird how I can seem to "ignore" lots of stuff. And yet, can zero in on a bunch of magazines which are messy looking. Yish...


JeanMac said...

We are in the process of some renos - new flooring, light fixtures,paint, updated base boards. We've been in our home 18 years - I'm updating it now to enjoy before we have to move (probably here 3 yrs max.)

Changes in the wind said...

Smilnsigh...we must indeed be twins...get this, my husband got me a rock (loose diamond) for Christmas and I am dreading trying to go pick out a setting....now talk about loony tunes:):)
I was sure when I posted this I would get hate mail LOL

Jeanmac, that is a bit of a different situation I think as you need to look to your resale but then having sell. Will you focus on what you like or try to do more neutral?

sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm with you, ladies! I've never liked to shop for anything.

You did some awesome things in 2007 Changes! I really admire your participation with the Police Dept.
It sounds like your ride-along was pretty exciting!

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