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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Last night after the movie my hubby and I were headed to one of our favorite eating places and came upon a car accident. Now living in this big city it shouldn't be that unusual but since I am a stay at home person I don't experience it a lot. It always upsets me and I find myself wondering if the people are okay and what really happened and etc. even days later. Don't know if this means I am caring person or just nosey. It is hard to imagine...you are just going to the store or whatever and bang....everything is different. Makes me feel vulnerable I guess. You try to be careful but it isn't always what you do but what the other guy does (this was a rear ender).
Sometimes I get angry when I watch people drive and they are wheeling these thousand pound objects around like they don't hurt if they hit you. Does this effect anyone else or am I the only pansy here.


jenn said...

That is one of the reasons I don't drive, the unpredictability of other drivers. You may be doing everything right, but one person can change things forever. I am also a bad passenger. I just hate being in the car. But then, I AM a little nits :).

sheoflittlebrain said...

Riding or driving in cars is my greatest fear! I'm mystified that people who are terrified by the sight of a little snake or spider can nonchalantly pile into one of those 'thousand pound objects' and take off in heavy traffic at high speed.

It's hard to say with blogging..
I'd like to post every day, but find that I can't read all the blogs I'm addicted to if I do..just not enough time. I think every other day is about right for me, and for my readers too, I think......

Lady Di Tn said...

Good Morning.
I have never liked driving as it is only a necessity for me. I learned to drive more or less on Interstate 40 when I was 22 years old and the only TWO mishaps were people running into the back of me unitl I totaled my MIL caddy in July. I glanced off and whoa into the back of a Datsun I go. Neither of us were hurt badly but believe you me I was only going in the thirties when I hit the youngman, he had come to a complete stop to get on the interstate and I was getting off only three miles from home when I locked up the brakes and went underneath his back bumper. I was addled by the air bag and bruise and sore but I would hate to hit anyone going any faster. I was very tired from volunteering at the thrift shop and probably my sugar was low also but the biggest mistake was takin my eye off the car in front of me. LESSON LEARNED.

smilnsigh said...

If that is being a pansy, then I'm one too!

Accidents which we don't cause, are random fate, and that's scary. No doubt about it. Never know what 'the other guy' is going to do.

And don't you *love* the people driving, and on a cell phone at the same time? NOT!