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Thursday, January 10, 2008


I love books.....cookbooks, craft books, devotional books, sewing books, decorating books, travel books, exercise books, novels, biographies, documentary kind of books and on and on and on...................................
I have recently been trying to purge some of them and oh boy. The cookbooks have been the easiest because I have copied the recipes that interested me and put them in organized folders before tossing it but many of the others I am not having a lot of success with.
Like this book for example, they say if you haven't used something in over a year you should get rid of it but this isn't a book you would read often but it is wonderful to look through on a rainy day:)

I have already added an extra book case in a closet!!!
It reminds me how much I have learned from books and how limited you would be if you couldn't read. I considered doing some volunteer work to help people learn to read but never followed through with it. When I was young I didn't read at all....go figure.
How about you...are you a reader? What do you like to read?


JeanMac said...

We both love books and have way too many! Years ago we would buy all the T*meLife and Re*ders Dig*st special editions.Kept the mall! I will need to get rid of some in the future.

Lady Di Tn said...

Get rid of is not in our households volcabulary. We have six built in bookshelves and each room has a stack of books somewhere.
As a rural poor girl I devoured every book I came in contact with. It set the imagination to work. If I had in my minds eye how something should appear or how someone should look I hated it later when it was made into a movie or television show and it was not what I had imagined.
I would sit up reading all night long in the 60-80 but then time was less to read so maybe the next decade I can get back into it.

Changes in the wind said...

Whew...so glad I am not alone....

smilnsigh said...

Same here. I didn't read when young. Guess I was not blessed with being born into a family of readers.

But I do remember the first book I feel in love with... "Little Women." Given to me as a Christmas present, by a friend of the family.

And I do still have a very old book, which my Mother got for me when I was stuck in bed with some childhood ailment. :-)

But yes, my love of reading crept up on me, over time. Happily, our children were all readers. And still are. And the Grands are too.

And btw, thank you for looking in on and commenting in my daily city photo blog. :-)