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Sunday, January 13, 2008

New shoes

Thursday night my daughter took me to see the "Menapause Musical"
It was fun but a little rank in a few places....anyhow, I wore a pair of old boots so that I would look dressier and acquired the biggest blister on my heel you can imagine so, yesterday, I went and bought three new pairs of shoes! Now how is that at getting even..........
If you remember, I am the one that doesn't like to shop but get me mad enough and I will do it:)


Lady Di Tn said...

Ha ha and I thought I was one of the few who likes to go in and pick it up and get on with my day. BUT, I love shoes and if I could afford it I would love a shoe closet with one of each color and style for me to choose from. I thought ole A M had it right. heehee

smilnsigh said...

Good for you! New shoes!

Me too. I hate to shop. But I'd say a blister would make me mad enough to do so, as well.

Betcha' "Menapause Musical" was a hoot. But hey, it would have to be a 'little rank' in some places. How else could it be done? -gigggles-