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Thursday, January 3, 2008


I got my first computer probably 22 years ago for a Valentine's gift. I didn't have any idea why I wanted one other than it seemed to be the thing to do and I felt I should learn about it. I can remember being so scared I was going to blow it up! What a huge accomplishment to create a Christmas card data base...........
I have never taken any classes for the computer but thought I should take one to learn how to do online. I signed up at a local community college for a class and after two classes dropped it and got my money back; I signed up on AOL and have never looked back.
I use the computer for a multitude of things....paying bills, taking care of our business, corresponding, researching, arranging our travels, shopping, storing photo's, learning karaoke songs.......... I tell you , I would be so lost without it!!
How about you? What is you computer story?

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