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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The new pillows are done and I like them a lot. It is always a wonder to me how sometimes things can just all fall together. The fabric on the pillows matches the rug I already have in there better and an old milk can with greenery on top that I have in another room will be a great accent in here now. I found a perfect color of paint that matches the darker part of the pillow and am going to paint the back wall in that. Just need to move a few things around here and there and poof........feels like a new place. Maybe that would be a perk up for you too...just move something:)


Joni said...

You are giving me the redo bug. I can't start something now in the dead of winter but I have been thinking about paint colors for our living room!

Changes in the wind said...

Go for it joni!!!!

jenn said...

I want to see pictures!!

Changes in the wind said...

Jenn...maybe when it is all finished:)

Lady Di Tn said...

I love to move things to make it look different.If I move furniture I have to have help with my 15 lb limitation so I have this habit of moving pictures on the walls around. This year I took some down and stored them and put up TEN OF MY paintings. I am very tempted to take down these two antique oval pictures of George Washington and Robert E Lee that I look at while bloggin and replace them with a couple of cheery colorful paintings.