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Saturday, February 2, 2008


I met with my cousin who no one knew existed yesterday. My uncle got a girl pregnant and never knew it....it is so sad because he never got over the break up with the girl and lived a very lonely life, only to kill himself when he was old, alone and sick. This cousin wanted to met me so of course I did but I had this feeling she was expecting something from me. She was kind and gracious and never ask for anything but there was this underlying feeling. Don't you wish you had a magic wand and could just fix everything.....poof, all better. Guess I would make a pretty silly looking fairy....grey haired and chunky but if the wand worked............no one would care:)


smilnsigh said...

"but there was this underlying feeling"

I'm the 'clueless one' here. I don't understand what that feeling was...

And as to what fairies are supposed to look like ~ Hey, remember the Faerie God Mother in Disney's 'Cinderella'? She was gray haired and round as can be. She was just sweet and did a wonderful job too. :-))))


Lady Di Tn said...

Ah waiting for the other shoe to DROP. Might take a few more visit to find it.
When you locate your wand come on over and POOf around in the south.

Changes in the wind said...

smilnsigh....I had forgotten that! Gives me hope.....lady di tn...no problem be happy to poof around here there and everywhere:)