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Monday, February 18, 2008

Its a go

I went on the outing with the red hatters and decided to go ahead and join. Although the day was a little hard on me I think when I get to know everyone it will be great fun. The tour of the stadium was very interesting and lunch went fine. My problem is wearing a hat....gives me a headache. The gals were welcoming and tried hard to include me so think all in all it will be good. Starting is the hardest part and each chapter has different flavors so you need to check it all but if you are thinking of trying it....go for it:)


smilnsigh said...

Good! I'm glad you went for it.

And as to the hat and it giving you a headache... Seems there must be some sort of provision, to cover such a situation. After all, how can you enjoy yourself, with a headache?

How about asking the group, if you could wear a hat in, and on leaving? But during the event, put a pretty red flower behind your ear... Or a red bow on, in some way... Seems there would be something, to cover this.


Changes in the wind said...

They do have little clip on things and I am going to try one of those next time but trust me the ladies are really proud of their hats...its kind of a stuting thing:) It will all work out I am sure.......