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Monday, March 24, 2008

Didn't miss it

I find that while I was away on my trip I didn't miss blogging and in fact felt a bit overwhelmed to come back and try to catch up on it all. I am wondering if for people who post only once in while they feel this way when they come to a blog like mine where I have tried to post every day.
Am thinking I may make some changes........................................


Lady Di Tn said...

Hey if you feel overwhelmed then that is the wrong feeling. You need to enjoy the persuit of bloggin. I like sharing and getting comments so I miss it when I do not blog. Each of us is a little different so do whatever makes you feel good. Peace

smilnsigh said...

My only *advice* is to do all your blogging, exactly as it feels best to you.

And that may change, over time too.

So, go with it.

Blogging should be fun. Otherwise why do it?

Unless one wants another job. :-)